Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Don't judge me!!!! I haven't been on our blog for like a year!!!! I usually keep people updated using facebook. We don't have many up to date pictures right now because we lost our camera!! Who does that!? We do. We haven't had one for a year almost, so sad! But we finally got one but forget to use it because we have been with out a camera for so long! Useless!

We are doing great! Adam is working hard at BYU! He has about a year of school left. He plans of graduating in Exercise Science! I am so proud of him! He is getting really good grades! He is turning into quit the brainiac! He is also invalved in intramural sports: Football, basket ball, tennis. He loves it!

I am working at Rooster, a small restaurant that serves Asian food! It's good stuff! Looking for a full time job though! I have 2 callings at church! I've never done that before. I am a sports coordinator and in the meeting committee (enrichment committee). I have a good time. We really like our ward. We are making a lot of fun friends.

The funnest news we have is we decided to go the Stadium of Fire this 4th of July! We have always wanted to go! Many of the Skelton fam has decided to go this year so we wanted to join in the fun!!!! Kary Underwood is awesome!